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My name is Israel Yosseph and I am a Graphic Designer and Product Designer.

I established my studio in 2008, shortly after graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, in Jerusalem. My studio specializes in a variety of solutions within the framework of branding, re-branding, traditional graphic design and product design, with special emphasis on the small details.

The combination of graphic design and product design gives the studio a big advantage and allows it to offer a wider range of identity and marketing solutions to its clients, starting with strategy consolidation, through corporate identity development and finishing with the packaging, products and interior design. All of this is a single source for your design needs.

Among the studio’s clients you’ll find leading wineries, chef restaurants, communication companies, Hi-Tech companies, real-estate firms, fashion brands etc…


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When I approach a new project, I do detailed research regarding the brand’s nature and competitors.
Once finished, I start working on the identity and visual language that constitute the brand’s base.

The logo is the first component and perhaps the most important one, when it comes to corporate identity.
A good logo manages to capture the essence of the brand and present it to the viewer within seconds.
This element will accompany all future applications related to its business therefore it must be suitable for a variety of different platforms.

After getting a comprehensive brief from the client, specifying the field, vision, values and market segment, I begin to create logo sketches to fit both the client’s desires and my beliefs. Selecting the logo is the first milestone in a continuing dynamic process flowing from the same design method.

Conducting a communicative process is not only an important parameter when it comes to design, but also leads to better results.


  • * Design is not for everyone.
  • * The package is as important as the product.
  • * A simple design is a great design.
  • * Preciseness is everything.
  • * My perfectionism is your benefit.
  • * Openness and creativity are essential to the process.
  • * Good communication equals a successful project.
  • * Design should also be sophisticated, not just nice.
  • * An underfinanced project damages the outcome.
  • * When possible, sustainable design is the best option.
  • * You should follow your vision.
  • * I can make your vision come true.