Aquaris Resort

Inspired by the serenity of the sub-aquatic, Aquaris embodies the next generation of “experience based” all-suite hotels.  Combining classic lines with chic designer interiors, the exclusive ambience pervades every aspect of Aquaris.
The challenge of this project was to create a prestigious yet not alienated identity to lead the brand and attract both local and international tourists. It had to have exactly the right appeal.
To achieve this goal serif fonts and powerful images were integrated creating a warm and elegant minimalism. The logo of the hotel consists of both a logotype and a symbol.
The first one was typographically designed with a slight twist to hint of the resort’s concept – aqua. The wave shaped letter “Q” is a strong indication of all the pools and artificial waterfalls in the hotel suites and public spaces.
The symbol was created using a part of the letter “Q” and duplicating it four times in different directions.