Black Tulip 2011

Black Tulip is a true master piece from Tulip winery, which combines all of the knowledge and love that have been accumulated during years of quality wine making. Made from the winery’s finest grapes, this wine is considered to be one of the best wines made in Israel.


“No Label” Project
With the initial release of Black Tulip, Tulip’s owner, Roy Itzhaki felt that this flagship wine should represent the winery’s spirit and beliefs. Knowing that an ordinary label seemed to be insufficient for this exceptional wine, we began an art competition where the participants, mentally disabled adults from four social organizations, submitted drawings and illustrations. An outstanding drawing was chosen, drawn by David Ashkenazi, a member from “Akim” organization. The drawing was embedded in the design creating an elegant-modern unique label with a wonderful story behind it.


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Black Tulip 2011