Fusion Wines

Doron Itzhaki, “Fusion” winemaker, flies to a specific winery chosen to produce the wine. There he creates the blend,¬†after selecting the vineyards, grapes, barrels etc.
Once bottled and labeled, the wines are shipped to Israel and distributed here.
The branding process was quite complex, mostly because it wasn’t completed all at once. Even though it wasn’t ideal, the branding progression was consecutive and coherent, and in the end the identity was original and complete. The design chosen for the labels is minimalistic and prestigious along with a high added value which goes together perfectly with the standard of the wine.
In order to support the quality of the product, the visual language implemented was simple and free of unnecessary graphic components. The letter “F” was chosen as a leading element, representing the name of the brand “Fusion”, and was stylized typographically so it would create an interesting composition and tension on the label.


Published post about Fusion wine’s design:
Shiraz Merlot and Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2005