Tulip Winery

Tulip winery was established in 2003 by the Itzhaki family, in “Kfar Tikva” (“Village of Hope”).
The wine loving family’s vision focused on producing only high quality wine that is based on love, professional knowledge & skill and a genuine kinship with the land.
The fact that the winery has recently become kosher opened the door to a complete rebranding process. The challenge was mainly assembling all 9 different wine labels under the same unified visual line, along with the rest of the marketing material.
First the logo was redesigned in a modern way without the attached flower icon next to it. Instead, the letter “U” in the name of the winery was shaped iconically like the tulip flower. Next the labels turned circumferentially instead of being two separate front and back labels. The design became clean and minimalistic, using mostly black and beige colors and a formative cutting knife to create a unique outline for the label.
The result presents an elegant yet daring brand.


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